nEcoTox offers theoretical and practical methods of ecotoxicology in particular to investigate nanoparticles and nano-associated products for their environmental compatibility. Ecotoxicological tests and analytical methods of varying complexity are used. In addition, we also offer these services for other chemicals (of any kind). With our work we support you to develop environmentally friendly products.

Our selection of biotests covers a wide range of standardized ecotoxicological studies according to guidelines of the OECD, ISO or EPA. In addition, we are able to carry out non-standardized biotests. If desired, this can include complex test designs, from the laboratory to the free-range scale, which are ideally adapted to the requirements of your product.

According to your needs, we also offer you a range of analytical methodes . These allow an adequate chemical characterization and quantification of your product.

In addition, we also offer the management and statistical evaluation of your data.

nEcoTox combines many years of experience regarding ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry with the latest scientific technology and methodology. The services offered by our company thus offer you the ideal basis for safer-by-design products.