Bis zum 1. Januar 2020 müssen Unternehmen im Rahmen der REACH-Verordnung mehr Informationen über Nanomaterialien auf dem EU-Markt bereitstellen. Die ECHA ermutigt potenzielle Registranten, sich mit den neuen rechtlichen Anforderungen vertraut zu machen und sich darauf vorzubereiten.

By 1 January 2020, companies must provide more information on nanomaterials on the EU market under the REACH Regulation. ECHA encourages potential registrants to familiarise themselves with the new legal requirements and get ready.
The new information requirements concern companies that manufacture or import nanoforms of substances that are subject to registration under REACH. Nanoforms of substances are those that fulfil the European Commission’s recommendation for a definition of a nanomaterial. The revised REACH annexes addressing nanoforms introduce clarifications and new provisions for:
characterisation of nanoforms or sets of nanoforms covered by the

registration (Annex VI);
the chemical safety assessment (Annex I);
registration information requirements (Annexes III and VII-XI); and
downstream user obligations (Annex XII).

The purpose is to make sure companies provide enough information to demonstrate the safe use of their nanoforms for human health and the environment. The amendments apply to all the new and existing registrations covering nanoforms. This means that registrants are expected to update their existing dossiers with nanoform-specific information by 1 January 2020.