Quantification and Characterization

Especially in the case of nanomaterials, but also for other poorly soluble, non-homogeneously distributed test items, very precise analytics are necessary to capture the exposure situation. 


We place great emphasis on excellent analytics to determine the concentration of the test item in all studies.


The characterization of a nanomaterial includes, in addition to the particle size distribution and the volume-specific surface area, for example, the determination of the shape of the particles and the aspect ratio.


Particle size analysis

The particle size can be determined with different instruments, we will be glad to advise you which one is best suited for your product.


Particle surface analysis

The most important parameter of the particle surface is the volume-specific size, but the functionalization and charge of the surface also provide important insights.


For the characterization and quantification of nanomaterials, many classical analytical methods but also nano-specific analytical methods and devices are necessary. Only a few laboratories have the necessary prerequisites for this.

Single particle ICP-MS for elucidation of concentration and number-based particle size distribution.

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis to determine the number-based particle size distribution in the test medium or in dispersions.

The measurement of surface area and porosity of powders is difficult. There are only a few techniques, and none of them are easy to use. The choice for measuring surface area generally falls on a technique known as the BET (Brunauer, Emmett and Teller) method.

Depending on the expected particle shape, an investigation with TEM and/or SEM is the tool of choice when it comes to particle size distribution and further characterization.

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Dr. Ricki Rosenfeldt

 Managing director and founder of nEcoTox GmbH
  • I studied environmental science and developed a preference for ecotoxicology
  • Since 2009 I have been working on nanomaterials in the field of ecotoxicology
  • Since 2011 I have specialized in analytics for nanomaterials (e.g. ETV-ICP-MS)
  • My time at the university resulted in over 40 peer-reviewed publications and a PhD.
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