Environmental Fate

Nanomaterials in environmentally relevant media

To develop a suitable testing scheme for ecotoxicological and toxicological studies, you need to know about the agglomeration behavior and dissolution rate of your product.


Dissolution Rate

The dissolution rate refers to the speed at which the nanoparticles dissolve in an aqueous medium.


Dispersion Stability

Dispersion stability refers to the ability of nanoparticles to remain uniformly dispersed over time under various environmentally relevant conditions.


Understanding the dispersion stability and dissolution rate of nanoparticles leads to smarter testing strategies.

The dissolution rate for a REACH registration is carried out according to OECD Guidance 29 and 318.

We perform the dissolution rate for EFSA according to the EFSA Guidance.

The dispersion stability of a nanomaterial is performed according to OECD TG 318 including appropriate analytics.

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Dr. Ricki Rosenfeldt

 Managing director and founder of nEcoTox GmbH
  • I studied environmental science and developed a preference for ecotoxicology
  • Since 2009 I have been working on nanomaterials in the field of ecotoxicology
  • Since 2011 I have specialized in analytics for nanomaterials (e.g. ETV-ICP-MS)
  • My time at the university resulted in over 40 peer-reviewed publications and a PhD.
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