Do you want or need to find out, whether your product is actually a nanomaterial?


Particle size distribution

According to the current EC Recommendation, a nanomaterial consists of solid particles, either individually or as identifiable particles in aggregates or agglomerates, and in which >50% of the particles in the numerical size distribution have one or more external dimensions of the particle in the size range 1 nm to 100 nm.


Volume specific surface

According to the current EC Recommendation, a material with a specific surface area (by volume) of < 6 m²/cm³ nicht als Nanomaterial.



Even if a substance is very soluble in water, it may be necessary to clarify the dustiness of the substance to protect workers.


Water Solubility

Currently, it is not yet conclusively clarified how very water-soluble materials are to be classified. The EFSA Guidance states that if the dissolution rate of the substance in water has a half-life of 10 min or less, no additional assessment for the proportion of small particles is required.


Through a combination of the following tests, we can determine for you whether your product is a nanomaterial:

The number-based particle size distribution can be determined by different methods (OECD TG 125). The best is the combination of electron microscopy with DLS or NTA.

The volume-specific surface area of a test item is determined from the specific surface area (BET) and the skeletal density (OECD TG 124).

The determination of water solubility or the solubility rate depends on the test item and the respective authority (ECHA/EFSA).

The dustiness of a nanomaterial is determined, for example, by the "continuous drop" method according to DIN EN 17199-3.

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