Dispersion Stability of Nanomaterials - OECD TG 318

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In one of our earlier blog posts about nAnoRegulations  we talked about the fate of nanomaterials (NM) in the aquatic environment.
In the context of the various possible fates that must be considered in the study of NM, the  OECD published TG No. 318 "Dispersion Stability of Nanomaterials." The document describes how corresponding studies can be carried out in aquatic media, taking into account various water conditions (pH, natural organic matter, ionic strength).

However, the document itself is quite complex and not always easy to understand for a layman. Therefore, we have decided to give a 15-minute presentation on the objectives and test arrangements described in TG No. 318. In doing so, we hope to give you a better understanding of the background and procedures involved.

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